Executive Creative Director : Chris Romero Singh

Chris Romero Singh, aka “Broadway” is a digital Renaissance man immersed in the world of new technology platforms and media. An accomplished digital artist, he has directed music videos, commercials, games, web development, social media campaigns, and 3D animation. He is a seasoned consultant and leader that has worked with some of the best companies and brands in the entertainment, web, online, and social media world.

As Co-founder and creator of www.thisis50.com with 50 Cent, Broadway crafted the new vision of celebrity and brand as content creator, studio, and social hub. A true hands-on creator and artist, he has produced major and niche websites, 3D animation, album packaging, and directed and post produced dozens of music videos with hundreds of millions in combined views.

He has done A&R work on Grammy nominated singles and has been involved in the sales of over 30 million units in physical and digital sales. He has been a key consultant in several successful startups that have seen 8 figure exits.

His goal is to continue to seek, cultivate, and apply artistic vision and the right technology decisions to new and existing ideas and brands.

Speaker / Presenter at:

Social Curation Summit LA 2012
Storyworld Conference and Expo LA 2012
TechCrunch Disrupt! Startup Alley NYC 2012
Blog World Expo NYC 2012
Always On OnHollywood LA 2009
Virtual Worlds 2008 NYC Conference and Expo

Billboard 30 under 30 nominee 07

Cover story on celebrities and Twitter, NY Times 07
Cover story on digital rap battles, Village Voice 07
Mentioned in Fast Company article on new digital platforms, 07
Nominated for Best Design Company for Justo Mixtape Awards 06
Featured in XXL Magazine for Animation and Music 04

Meet the Team!

Romotion has always invested in the growth of new and upcoming creative partners, providing workspace, technical and creative direction, and access to challenging and impactful projects. These creative business relationships are the foundation for a collective whose passion for great challenges drives them forward.

Alex / Prestige Filmworks

Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Coop / Abstrak Media

Director / Cinematographer